​"Last year when I injured my back and was taking way too many pain pills for the pain, my doctor, physical therapist, and chiropractor all recommended acupuncture to me to help control the pain from my 2 slipped disks. I saw Daniela and her treatments saved me from having surgery on my back. - H. Boucher

“If you suffer from acid reflux or any digestive disorder, you really should consider acupuncture treatments! After about five gentle, caring and relaxing sessions with Daniela, I felt well and confident enough to reduce my traditional (allopathic) medication by half. I am now feeling the least symptomatic of three years! I only wish I had sought this alternative healing sooner! Thanks Daniela!” - J. Forth

"I sought acupuncture for a natural way of diminishing my symptoms of depression and anxiety. I remember after the first session my mood felt lighter, and more positive. After a couple of sessions I went from being very anxious most of the time to not having any anxiety at all. The acupuncture enabled me to stay with positive thoughts easily and calm down so that I could look at my life from a positive perspective. With regular sessions I am feeling much better. Daniela is very caring, helpful and attentive, and she takes a personal interest in your health, which is comforting."  - J. Johnston

“The first time I saw Daniela for acupuncture I was a little skeptical and scared a lot!  Western medicine couldn’t find anything to attribute my cough to, so they sent me away with an allergy diagnosis.  When I couldn’t take the night and day coughing any longer I went to see Daniela.  After only about a month of weekly treatments and customized herbs my cough was totally and completely gone, my side affects were lessened and my headaches were rare and less severe.  I now continue to see Daniela 2 ½ years later for a number of things that come up from time to time and for my general health.  I am still always amazed though that a needle in just the right spot can immediately alleviate any pain I am feeling, cause me to sleep soundly, and restore my overall mental and physical well being”.

 ​– C. Tendler

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Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles into the body at specific points along energy pathways, called meridians, to prevent and treat a wide range of health problems. It is proven to be safe and effective for a variety of conditions and ailments. The acupuncture needles used at the clinic are all sterile and disposable.

Chinese Herbal Medicine
Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine consists of several thousands substances derived from plant, animal, and mineral sources. The use of these substances can be traced back to 1,000 BC. Over the past 3000 years, an incredibly rich and powerful system has medicine has been created. During this time, classical herbal formulas that are effective for many health concerns have been developed. The herbs are available in the form of herbal teas, liquid extracts, tablets, capsules, granules, lotions, creams, salves, or poultices. 
Herbs are only prescribed when needed. You may choose to come in for an herbal prescription without receiving acupuncture.

Japanese Style Acupuncture

Japanese style acupuncture takes a more subtle route than TCM. Fewer and thinner needles are used with less stimulation.

Korean Hand Acupuncture

Points in the hand correspond to areas of the body and to certain disharmonies.
Auricular Therapy (Ear Acupuncture)

Points in the ear correspond to areas of the body and to certain disharmonies. This system is commonly used for pain control and drug, alcohol, and nicotine addictions.

Electro Acupuncture

Electro acupuncture is similar to traditional acupuncture in that the same points are stimulated during treatment. As with traditional acupuncture, needles are inserted at specific treatment points along the body. A Micro-current of electricity is applied to acupuncture needles as a means of further stimulating the acupuncture points. Electro Acupuncture is especially useful for pain syndromes, post surgery, or in difficult to treat cases.

There are specific foods that are prescribed for healing specific conditions. As well, there are food allergies that can cause illness, so sometimes certain foods need to be eliminated or more balanced in the daily diet.

This ancient method of treatment is still commonly used today, it is performed by placing cups onto the skin by way of either heat or suction. Cupping commonly treats soft tissue injuries, low backache, sprains, common cold symptoms, asthma, and bronchitis.

This is a technique of heat therapy which uses the plant Ai Ye/Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris). It is either rolled into sticks and held above the point or area being treated, or placed on acupuncture needles for indirect moxa, or made into tiny cones and burned on ointment for direct moxa. Moxa Acupuncture and Moxibustion are commonly used to treat sore muscles, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, certain types of paralysis and arthritic disorders.

This is a form of medical massage. Facilitated stretching and movement of injured areas is incorporated into the treatment. It is a recovery program and treatment used for pain, both chronic and acute. Arthritis or injuries are commonly treated.

Qi Gong
These are exercises prescribed to the patient to do at home for health maintenance and recovery from the condition they are being treated for. People commonly use Qi Gong exercises for preventative care and to promote longevity. It is similar to Tai Ji.

Hara Massage
Hara massage is a therapeutic massage which focuses on the abdomen, pelvic area, and internal organs. In Japanese medicine, balancing the hara region is essential to health. 

Laser Acupuncture
It uses low-energy laser beams — instead of traditional acupuncture needles. This treatment is completely painless, and just as effective as a traditional acupuncture session. It is great for kids or those afraid of needles.


Please book your appointment, call, or email us, so that we can send you the intake forms.

(For payment received at time of service)

Initial Consultation and treatment $65, allow about 90 min. Includes review of patient’s health history. Includes acupuncture and herbal consultation as well as other modalities as needed.
Follow up treatment $60, allow 45- 60 minutes. Includes acupuncture and herbal consultation as well as other modalities as needed.

​Chinese herbal and nutritional supplements are not included in these fees.


For your convenience, we accept cash, personal checks, and credit cards. Payment is due at time of service. Gift Certificates are available


​Insurance companies are covering acupuncture. The best way to determine whether your carrier pays for acupuncture is to call them directly. As a courtesy to our patients we do bill insurance on their behalf for specific services; however, it is the patient’s responsibility to verify benefits plan and coverage of providers and /or services. We cannot quote specific insurance plan details. Patients will be held responsible for non-payment by their insurance company.

If you are not covered by insurance, you can still consider your payments as medical expenses that you may be able to write off on your taxes. If you have a flex plan through your workplace, that account often covers the cost of treatment.


Our mission is to empower you to learn the patterns of behavior that inform your wellness choices. We promise to listen carefully, think deeply and kindle insight into directions (therapies, treatments, services) that will nourish sustainable health. We promise to be considerate about your time and thoughtful regarding your finances. We thank you for allowing us to journey with you on this path to transformation and look forward to growing with you!

Our policy is designed to help treat all patients equally and fairly. 

Missed Appointments

•Please cancel your appointments 24 hours in advance so I may be able to offer the space to someone waiting to be seen. I understand this is not always possible so a one-time courtesy will be given. After the first time you will be billed at the regular fee.

•No Shows

Not calling to cancel and not showing up for your appointment is considered a “no-show’. A one-time courtesy will also be given for a no-show, after that you will be billed at the regular fee.

I appreciate your understanding and courtesy in regards to missed appointments.

  • Emphasis on prevention.
  • Natural, non-invasive medical approach.
  • Balance the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life.
  • Medical practitioner as the facilitator to a patient's health and well-being.